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Henry J. & Delilah (Duddy) Wallis

John Wallis born 31 October 1830 in Highan, Kent and died October 1887 in Kent.  John Wallis married Mary Jane Stewart born 1833 in Gravesend, Kent and died July 1889 in Kent.
John and Mary Wallis had three sons:
1.Henry John Wallis born 19 July 1857 in Strood, Kent and died September 1926 in Bromley.
2.William J. Wallis born 1859 in England.
3.George Wallis born 1861 at Preston near Faversham, England.

Many of the Wallis men were Butchers


Family W.J.Wallis Butcher 9 High Street, Farnborough (Probably son of Henry & Delilah Wallis -W.J.Wallis born 1885)

Family H.J.Wallis Butcher 9 High Street, Farnborough in 1911 (Probably son of Henry & Delilah Wallis - Henry Wallis born 1883)

H.J.Wallis Butcher at 131 High Street, Farnborough (the number seems to have changed over time).
In 2018 it was the Village Pharmacy.

Henry John Wallis was born 19 July 1857 in Strood, Kent and died September 1926 in Bromley, Kent.  Henry Wallis married Delilah Duddy on 11 February 1882 in Bromley, Greater London, Kent.
Delilah Duddy was born 20 December 1862 in Hunton, Kent and died December 1935 in Bromley, Kent.
1871 Census John (43) and Caroline (35) Duddy had 5 children: George (13), Lewis (10), Delilah (8), Horace (7), and Emily Jane (2).

Henry and Delilah Wallis had 6 children:
1. Henry John (Harry) Wallis born December 1883 in Bromley and died 1963. Harry married Mary Anne Rootes (1883-1956) in July 1906.  They had 5 children: Henry (Harry) Charles Wallis born 1909 in Bromley and died 1989. Doris M.Wallis born June 1912 in Bromley and died 1999.  William (Bill) John Wallis born 1915 in Kent and died 1983. Frederick Arthur Wallis born 1 July 1919 and died 21 August 2016 in Farnborough, Kent. Frederick married Eileen Mary Jordan who died in 1990. Olive Wallis born January 1926.

2. William James Wallis born 1885 in Dilts, Bromley, Kent and married Laurie. They had two children: William (Billy) Wallis married Nell Wallan and had one daughter, Jill Wallis. (Jill's husband Horst Schroder, a Photographer, took Joy & Peter Olney's wedding photos). Vera Wallis married Peter Haggart and they had two children, Judith and Peter Haggart.

3. Edward Charles Wallis born 20 November 1886 in Dilts, Bromley and died September 1969 in Tonbridge, Kent. Edward married Daisy Podger (January 1887-6 June 1960) on 9 June 1909.
They had 3 children: Robert Stanley Wallis born 24 March 1910 in Bromley, Greater London, and died 8 September 1965 in California, USA. Reginald Albert Wallis born 9 September 1912 in Bromley and died 25 August 1986 in Bromley, Greater London. Marjorie Emily Wallis born 27 July 1922 in Bromley and died 28 December 2007 in Ashford, Kent. (See notes about Marjorie).

4. Emily Elizabeth Wallis born 1888 in Bromley and died March 1962 in Bromley. Elizabeth married Harry Edward (Ted) Munday (1893-1968) in Bromley. They had 2 daughters. Molly Edith Munday born 28 August 1916 in Bromley and died October 2004 in Bromley. Molly Munday married Stanley Philip Austen (1913-1971) in December 1936 in Bromley. Audrey Eleanor Munday born June 1925 in Bromley and died March 1999 in Bromley. (See notes about Audrey).

5. Frederick George Wallis born 25 February 1890 in 28 Chatterton Road, Bromley, Greater London and died 19 January 1964 in Melbourne, Australia. Frederick married Jessie Riches (1889-1980) on 19 December 1912 in Bromley, Kent.  They had two daughters Marjorie Hannant Wallis born 18 November 1918 in Malvern, Victoria, Australia and Joan Freda Wallis on 12 November 1927 in Camberwell, Victoria, Australia.

6. Gertrude Lilian Wallis born April 1892 in London and married William (Bill) Charles Daniels on 18 October 1914 in Chelmsford, Essex. They had no children.

An interesting story about Family marriages, affairs, divorces and second marriages:

Cousins, Audrey Munday and Marjorie Wallis each divorced their first husbands, and married each others husbands within a month of each other in 1969.

Audrey Eleanor Munday (1925-1999) married Arthur Daniel Gallagher (1922-2004) in December 1947 in Bromley.
Audrey & Arthur Gallagher divorced.
Audrey Eleanor Gallagher (Munday) married Edward Philips (1916-2003) in September 1969 in Bromley. Edward Philips was the first hunband of Audrey's cousin Marjorie Wallis.

Marjorie Emily Wallis (1922-2007) married Edward Philips (1916-2003) in March 1943 in Bromley.
Marjorie & Edward Philips divorced.
Arthur Daniel Gallagher married Marjorie Emily Philips (Wallis) (1922-2007) on 6 October 1969 in Bullington. Arthur Gallagher was the first husband of Marjorie's cousin Audrey Munday.

Henry John Wallis married Delilah Duddy in Bromley, Kent on 11 February 1882.

1891 Census with Henry, Master Butcher (34) and Delilah (29) living at 28 Chatterton Road, Bromley with children Henry J.(7), William J.(6),  Edward C. (4), Emily E. (3) and Frederick G. (1)

1901 Census with Henry (Master Butcher) & Delilah Wallis living at 26  Chatterton Road, Bromley with children Henry (17), William (16), Edward (14),  Elizabeth (13), Frederick (11), Gertrude (9)

Henry J.and Delilah Wallis in later life.
Wallis family in 1920
Edward Charles Wallis (1886 -1969), son of Henry & Delilah Wallis
Edward Charles Wallis - Family Butcher in 49 College Road, Bromley

Edward Charles Wallis - Family Butcher in 49 College Road, Bromley

Family of Frederick Arthur Wallis born 1 July 1919

The daughter of Frederick Wallis, Margaret Francis Wallis visited family in Australia in about 1975.  The two families have kept in touch since. Margaret married Michael Thomas Wood Breese at St.Giles Church in Farnborough, Greater London.

Michael Breese and Margaret Wallis wed at St.Giles, Farnborough, Kent

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